Morpheus Laboratory  
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Lab Bldg
Our primary lab spaces are located in the
Advanced Materials and Processing
Branch at NASA Langley Research Center.
NIA Bldg
Our offices are located in the National
Institute of Aerospace building down the
street from NASA Langley.
Kim Bldg
Additional lab space is located on-campus
at the University of Maryland, College
Park inside the Kim Building.
Electronics Lab
Here is a peek inside our first lab space,
the “electronics lab”, which is used for
building and testing electronic equipment
such as custom control systems and data
acquisition systems for our flying vehicles.
Our “fabrication lab” space is used for
designing, ...
machining, bench-testing, ...
Fab Lab
and assembling our vehicles.
Optical Bench Setup
We also use an additional lab equipped
with a passively damped optical bench for
fine resolution structural dynamics studies
and characterization of smart materials
Machine Shop
Occasionally we will also make use of the
fully equipped machine shop down the
hall to make rough parts.
Flight Field
Of course we are also often located
somewhere far out in the field doing
flight testing!
Morpheus Trailer
And in order to transport our flight test vehicles to the field we make use of Morpheus Lab's custom flight research trailer.


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