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Welcome To The World, Alia!
February, 2010: Morpheus Lab is excited to welcome its newest member, Alia Slipher, into the world. Alia was born on February 5th, 2010. Her Mom and Dad, Patty and Geoff, are very pleased. We wish her a long happy life full of success and creativity.

Dr. Robert Proctor Visits Morpheus Lab
February, 2010:  Dr. Robert Proctor, the CEO and Founder of FlexEl, tours Morpheus Lab. During the visit we discussed the new battery technology developed by FlexEl and the potential for a future cooperation bewteen Morpheus and the company.

Dr. Hubbard Publishes His New Book
January, 2010: Dr. Hubbard publishes his book titled "Spatial Filtering for the Control of Smart Strucutres" (ISBN: 978-3-642-03803-7). This book develops and details rigorous design methodologies and performance measures for the control of modern Smart Structures.

Morpheus Welcomes New Researcher
January, 2010: Morpheus Lab welcomes new graduate student researcher Cornelia Altenbuchner.  Cornelia will be conducting research focused on creating a structural dynamic model for the ornithopters. Welcome Cornelia!


Trinity Retires
November 2009: Morpheus Lab retires our first active ornithopter flight test platform, "Trinity." After five years of faithful service, hundreds of successful experimental flight tests and bench tests, and a few rough landings Trinity is ready to retire in style to a static display in the NIA lobby.

Army Research Lab Director John Miller visits Morpheus Lab
October 2009: Morpheus Lab was pleased to host Mr. John Miller, Director of the U.S. Army Research Lab (ARL), and his distinguished party for a tour of our facilities and discussions of our research progress. We enjoyed the technical discussions over a pizza lunch with Director Miller and his ARL staff.

Dr. Hubbard Delivers Keynote Address
September 2009: Dr. Hubbard was the keynote speaker at the 2009 ASME Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures & Intelligent Systems, September 21-23, in Oxnard, California. He spoke on the future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry, and reclaiming our technological leadership.

Dr. Frances Kelly visits Morpheus Lab
June 2009: Dr. Frances ("Fran") Kelly, former director of U.S. Navy Education Programs, tours Morpheus Lab after delivering her lecture on "The Implications of the Internet and E-Learning for Changes in American Society" at NIA, (lecture).

Welcome To The World, Tyler!
May, 2007: We are excited to announce our newest member, Tyler Guerreiro. Mom and Dad are very pleased. We expect Tyler to contribute ideas toward our disruptive technologies just as soon as his big brother, Nathan, lets him play at the computer.

Morpheus Presentations in Seattle
In April, 2009 Dr. Hubbard and Jared Grauer presented morpheus research papers at the AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference, Seattle WA, April 6 - April 9, 2009: "Testing of a Passively Morphing Ornithopter Wing" and "Field Calibration of Inertial Measurement Units for Miniature Unmanned Aircraft."

Morpheus Lab Pleased to Welcome New Graduate Student
In January 2009 Morpheus Lab welcomed a new graduate student researcher Aimy Wissa.  Aimy will be conducting research focused on optimizing the performance of our ornithopter wings. Welcome Aimy!

Jared and Dr. Hubbard Present Ornithopter Paper in Florida
On January 7, 2009 Jared Grauer and Dr. Hubbard attended and presented a paper titled ""A Multibody Model of an Ornithopter" at the AIAA Aerospace Sciences conference in Florida. 


Ben Nickless Defends His Master's Thesis
On November 4, 2008 Morpheus Lab's Ben Nickless successfully defended his Master's thesis titled "Modeling and Control of Piezo Flextensional Actuators." The defense took place in College Park. Congratulations to Ben!

Robyn Harmon Defends Her Master's Thesis
On September 4, 2008 Morpheus Lab's Robyn Harmon defended her Master's thesis titled "Aerodynamic Modeling of a Flapping Membrane Wing Using Motion Tracking Experiments."  The defense took place on the College Park campus. Congratulations, Robyn!

Morpheus Researchers Present at AIAA Conference
August 2008: Morpheus Lab's Jared Grauer, Nelson Guerreiro, and Robyn Harmon presented their research at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Morpheus Lab Honored To Host Distinguished Visitor
On July 29, 2008, Morpheus was pleased to welcome Dr. Mark Bundy, a distinguished visitor from the US Army Research Laboratory. Dr. Bundy, who is the University of Maryland POC for the new CTA/MAST project on microsystem mechanics, was treated to a full day visit including an ornithopter flight demonstration.

Morpheus Lab Pleased To welcome New Graduate Student
Alex Brown
joined us at the National Institute of Aerospace in July, 2008 as a full time Graduate Research Assistant in the MS program.

Ugrina Awarded L'Oreal Fellowship
Morpheus Post-Doctoral researcher, Dr. Sandra Ugrina, is awarded the esteemed L’Oreal Fellowship for Women In Science. The award ceremony was held in New York City. 06/2008.

Morpheus Researchers Host School For Day of Flying Fun
Three members of Morpheus Lab (Nelson Guerreiro, Ryan Hubbard, and Geoff Slipher) along with members of the Newport News Park Radio Control Club (NNPRCC) host the Denbigh Baptist Christian School for a fun day of flying outdoors. The event was held at the NNPRCC flying field. 06/24/2008

Dr. Hubbard's Early Work Recognized For Historical Significance
Dr. Hubbard's early seminal work on actively damping of structures, performed while he was at MIT, was cited for its historical significance in the Spring 2008 Adaptive Structures and Material Systems newsletter (pdf, see page 7).

Morpheus Welcomes Summer Intern
Ryan Hubbard is on assignment to Morpheus Lab for the summer from Virginia Tech. 05/2008

Morpheus Has a Blast Hosting GLH Johnson Elementary School 5th Grade Class
The 42 students from Danvill VA enjoy a full day with us touring NASA and the Virginia Air and Space Museum in Hampton. 04/2008.

Morpheus Lab Bids Farewell To Valued Member of the Team
Mollie Bueche recently received her BA in English from the University of Illinois, Springfield. We were graced by Mollie's presence, and are sad to see her leave, but happy that she is pursuing her dream of writing professionally. Mollie we wish all the best for you and your family. June 2008.

Geoffrey Slipher Wins Award

Geoffrey Slipher
was awarded the First Place Award of Excellence for Research in the Area of Modeling and Simulation on April 17th, 2008 at the University of Maryland's Graduate Research Interaction Day (GRID) 2008. Geoff also won the First Place Award of Excellence for Advances in Technology and Biotechnology at GRID 2007.

Morpheus Lab Excited To Welcome Newest Member, Nathan Guerreiro, Into The World
Nathan Guerreiro was born on August 4, 2007. His Mom and Dad, Veronica and Nelson, are very happy. We expect amazing ideas to be forthcoming from this little fellow shortly, just as soon as he can talk. August 2007.

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